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Tuesday - SATURDAY :: 5pm - 10pm

2300 Moores Mill Road
Auburn, ALabama 36830

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James Bramlett

Executive Chef

Born and raised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Executive Chef James Bramlett spent his summers in Texas on his grandparents’ farm where he learned farming, harvesting, and cooking at a very early age.   After many years of cooking with his grandmother, James had the inclination to get serious about cooking and decided to move to Vail, Colorado, to pursue his career as a chef.  While in Vail, he began working in professional kitchens and then decided to attend culinary school at Cook Street in Denver in 2003.  After completing culinary school in the United States, James moved to small town of Asti in the Piedmonte region of northern Italy.  There he attained a second culinary degree from the Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners.   Even though he now held two culinary degrees at such a young age, he still yearned for more knowledge, so he decided to travel over the Alps into France and train under a Master Chef of French Cuisine, René Berrard.  Living in a small town outside of Marseille, he perfected the art of French culinary technique and earned a third culinary degree.

After traveling abroad for many years, James decided to move back to his home state of Alabama and worked for one of the country’s best chefs, Frank Stitt. While working for Stitt at Highlands Bar and Grill in Birmingham, Alabama, James became a master butcher and worked hand in hand with Chef Stitt for almost six years. At that time, Executive Chef Chris Hastings, of Hot and Hot Fish Club in Birmingham, Alabama, came calling for a new venture on Lake Martin called Springhouse. Chef Bramlett was ready to take on the project. While at Springhouse, James became the Executive Sous Chef to Chef Rob McDaniel, helped open and ran it for over two years.

James then decided to take on his biggest challenge yet…Maestro 2300 in Auburn, Alabama. Moving into the position of Executive Chef, James has brought a skill set to the table that will uphold Maestro’s impeccable reputation for fine food, wine, and service for years to come.